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The TrustIn Advantage

A secure, sensitive legal tech system that manages end to end
POSH compliance and support


AI-powered reporting and recommendation 


Legal upskilling and case studies

End-to-end encryption

Role-based restricted

access for Internal Committee admins and members

Third-party verified report data

In-built case governance and compliance system

Automated, paperless documentation and communication

Legal and policy FAQ chatbot


Encrypted, trauma-informed recording and reporting

Transparent, real-time case progress updates

Access to justice: Discreet two-way communication channel

Know your rights: Direct access to the company's safety policies and Internal Committee

Confidential and sensitive

One-stop access to legal and counseling support resources

Procedural equity: Ongoing support for both complainant and respondent

NLP based therapist/vernacular chatbot


Pricing Plans

Enterprises SMEs




Equip your Internal Committee with our POSH case reporting and redressal system to ensure end to end, secure and sensitive legal compliance

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TrustIn is a for profit social enterprise, committed to facilitating safety at scale

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