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Introducing POSHpal: Chatbot for adjudicating sexual harassment cases

You asked, we answered. Say hello to POSHpal, a friendly chatbot that helps you successfully navigate cases- from process deadlines to legal principles- with simple explanations and examples.

The more you talk to POSHpal, the smarter it gets! Here’s how it helps Internal Committees as part of the TrustIn Enterprise solution:

1. Upskilling: Bite sized breakdowns for every step of the legal inquiry process

2. Decision making: Understand and apply core legal fundamentals, from civil court functioning to the principles of natural justice and balance of probabilities

3. Compliance: Comprehensive overview of “grey areas” and edge cases. What qualifies as a workplace or witness? What can you do if a key stakeholder is unresponsive?

Interested in learning how to adjudicate POSH cases while helping us train POSHpal to serve you better? Click here to sign up for early access.

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