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TrustIn at SIOP2020: Solutions in Combating Workplace Sexual Harassment

We’re excited to share that TrustIn is part of the upcoming international Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)’s virtual conference, presenting our paper on ‘Technology Solutions for Workplace Safety and Equitable Access to Justice.’

We’re part of a power packed session with leading experts, academics and practitioners worldwide who are researching and implementing Solutions in Combating Workplace Sexual Harassment. Other topics in this session include:

  1. Improving the Measurement of Sexual Harassment Climate

  2. Sexual Harassment: The Power of Observer Actions

  3. Cultural Shift from the Top Down: Active Bystanders


Here’s a quick look at the session abstract and description, for those of you who are interested. Stay tuned for more details during the #SIOP2020 virtual conference in June! We’ll be sharing our paper and findings with all of you.


Solutions in Combating Workplace Sexual Harassment


Thanks to the #MeToo movement, and changes in legislation globally, attention to issues around sexual harassment (SH) at work has grown. Yet, the focus tends to be on the target reporting or ‘speaking up’.

The current alternative session highlights the importance of other practical factors — organizational climate for SH, role of observers and managers, and technology — in mitigating SH at work.


While the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have helped catalyse momentum around the issues of sexual harassment (SH) at work, the onus of action remains on the target reporting the perpetrator.

This alternative session uses a ‘show and tell’ format to explore other, as yet overlooked, factors in helping mitigate and prevent SH at work. These factors include organizational climate for SH, the crucial role that observers/bystanders can play — especially if these bystanders are managers, and an efficient technology-based solution to enhance reporting mechanisms for SH at work.

The session will showcase four such research-based solutions, and involve the audience in shaping these further, and thus build in both relevance and rigor for future research and practice in this space.


Interested in attending? Want to learn more from SIOP’s diverse attendees about the science behind smarter, safer workplaces?

Sign up for this dynamic conference between June 16–30th, from wherever you are:

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